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hey everyone, just wanna let you know i put most of my new artwork on my facebook art page. please check it out and if you are interested in requesting a commission comment or message me on there. thank you

Alex Adler's Astounding Artwork

Brooke Hogan's Real VOice

2013-06-22 01:04:57 by fadedshadow

this is seriously what i picture when i hear brooke hogan's voice. check it out lol

what's up people of newgrounds? i'm letting you know i have a new art page on the facebooks and i want you to check it out, like, and share with all your friends. spread the word ^_^

Alex Adler's Astounding Artwork


2013-03-12 23:52:17 by fadedshadow

i have reached 420 subscribers on youtube. my favorite number =D


epic music

2013-02-14 02:34:16 by fadedshadow

i just want to thank my buddy bad-man-incorporated for making the awesome music used in my youtube intro. check out his music here


2013-02-12 01:51:21 by fadedshadow

check out my channel. it has stuff on there of the video variety

go here

Dead Space 3!

2013-01-25 02:47:44 by fadedshadow

hey everyone. i wanted to let you know i recently got the dead space 3 demo on my ps3 and decided to show it off on youtube. go check it out! subscribe if you like my content =]

Dead Space 3 - 001 - Frozen Planet

Help a brother out

2013-01-15 14:15:28 by fadedshadow

about a month ago i was involved in a serious car accident and messed up my back. pretty much all of my money went to seeing doctors and all that good shit so i'm broke with no way to really earn money. i've decided that i'm going to offer to do commissions for people. my artwork is pretty damn good and i can create almost anything. please comment if you are interested in buying artwork from me.

thank you


Let's Plays!

2012-10-30 01:46:37 by fadedshadow

so i recently got a capture card and since then i've been making better quality let's plays and i've begun redoing my previous lps as well. you should watch and subscribe



2011-12-19 01:20:50 by fadedshadow

i know i really don't make flash animations but i do make videos if you'd want to check them out. i operate at the same level of awesome as i always have so you should check out my shit

my main channel

GNC - Game Night Crew